Let’s take a look at the quantitative research involving the skills, education, and requirements employers are looking for when hiring UX professionals. Then we’ll end on a high note with an interview with Mission Data’s very own VP of Design Operations, who provides insights into how we find top talent.


What roles exist for UX professionals at the moment? Well, you may be surprised to find out that one study from 2019 found there to be 134 unique titles related to User Experience. The top four being UX designer, UX Researcher, Product Designer, and UX/UI designer.


Next, let’s take a…

As UX Designers or Researchers, we’re frequently looking into our users’ demographics because knowing who our users are can help us serve their needs better. But do we ever stop to consider the quintessential makeup of our community? I thought it might be fun to see who is pursuing a career in User Experience, how that’s changed over the years, what advantages we have, and what challenges we are facing.

If I were to create a UX Designer persona using statistical averages from multiple recent studies, a typical designer would be a 35-year-old, white female, with a bachelor’s degree, earning…

The User Testing market has become pretty saturated over the years as awareness of the benefits of testing grows in popularity. However, a majority of the tools are either expensive or limited in what they offer to allow for testing new design mockups or prototypes. The following is a concise overview of affordable tools at your disposal, in no particular order.


Loop 11 allows you to “speak to your users, record their actions, [and] uncover product changing insights”.


I don’t plan on beginning all of my articles with a bio, but since this is one of my first posts I thought it might be good to provide my credentials, without them you might wonder what qualifies me to write such an article. I’m Ro Dixon, I’ve been a UX Designer for nine years working for enterprises that specialize in applications for Healthcare Providers (I’m also a front end developer and web designer- but that’s not super relevant to this post).

I was given the task of designing a Usability Testing process for a recent employer which would…

Ro Dixon

Ro is Senior UX Designer for Mission Data in Louisville, KY. She has 10 years in UX design and a few in front-end development.

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